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Number One Question We Get

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

Question: How much will a built-in cost me?

Answer: We place a high value on the people we serve through providing quality built-ins and a positive experience and it begins with the first phone call with you. Everything we do here at Built-In NH points back to the importance of our customers and team having a positive and successful experience together. We understand that creating the most

innovative and efficient process is necessary. It is our goal to offer the best pricing that we can for the service that we provide to our customers. We also offer the most efficient time frame that customers appreciate.

Send us a picture of the space you want to put your custom-built in and share design ideas or inspiration photos. We’ll have a phone call so that you can communicate to us what needs you have. We will ask you questions about your budget and because of our deep well of experience, we can comfortably establish a budget window with you on that phone call and offer you a quote with a range that will vary pending your added items such as lighting, glass, specialized hardware needs, etc. You will know the cost within a budget range at this phone call. We also will be able to determine if we are a fit for one another.

You’ll receive a sketch drawing of your built-in to approve. We’ll make an appointment to come to your home to do exact measurements and get field dimensions while we pay attention to the essential details of your home. Your built-in should complement your current space. Together we talk about what’s important to you. We understand that the custom built-in we create for you is to be a complement to your home. You will know the exact cost at this time within the previously specified price range because we will have finalized the details of your project.

At Built-In NH we value family. Your experience with us is just as important as the product we deliver to you. Because we carry a high level of ownership of schedules and quality of life, we foster an environment of clear goals and objectives that work for everyone. You will know the cost promptly and can be confident in making a wise decision.

Also, note that when you purchase a custom built-in with Built-In NH you also choose to partner with us in helping local kids and families in need. A portion of the proceeds of your project goes to our non-profit Roca Kidz Club and foster care/ adoption.

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