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Changing The World, One Built-In At A Time

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

I grew up here in New Hampshire, South Manchester and Memorial High School were where I spent the first 17 years of my life. I moved around the country for a couple of years until I joined the Marine Corps in 1996. That’s where I met my beautiful wife of 25 years, Jennifer.

I have an amazing son who is 24 years old and is the finish leader in our Built In NH operations. He’s responsible for the final quality of the projects that we send out for delivery.

One of my beautiful daughters is 23 years old and pursuing a career in the field of Law. Jenn and I made her a middle child rather than the youngest last December when we adopted our last of 26 foster kids. Our little one is now 4 ½ years old. She is fully occupied with keeping us young! Family and faith are what we do, and we try to carry those values into the community with whatever we are involved with.

I pursued a college education after my time in the Marine Corps until 09/11/01. Shortly after that tragic event, I was reactivated to service for a year. Following that interruption, I put a lot of effort into continuing my college education but chose to set that goal aside to pursue a small business.

Ever since my garage in California USMC base housing, I always had some kind of small custom project in the works. I continued to keep some custom projects going in the shop for all the following years.

I started a cabinet installation business in 2004. As I became proficient in the craft, I began to install architectural millwork for large millwork manufacturers and started renovating commercial and residential spaces. We were expanding.

Three years ago while our business was growing and we had established a name for ourselves, we decided to pivot and pursue the custom built-in niche. It was then that we changed our name to Built In NH.

As a business owner, a leader in the community, and a father, I desire to care for others with a high level of integrity, whether in business, home, or community. Jenn and I set a vision for what we wanted Built In NH to be. We have an excellent team who love what they do and are excited to produce for our clients. Our systems are purposeful and effective for your specific type of projects and need. We want to see needs and meet needs.

We don’t often share this with others because our service is to our clients like you. But we want to know that when you choose to have Built In NH provide your built-ins, you also support foster care and kids at risk in our area. We founded a nonprofit in 2011, Roca Kidz that serves inner-city kids who come from hard places in downtown Manchester. We continue to meet weekly in their lives and the lives of our volunteers. Know that your purchase, referral, and partnership help reach and love kids that don’t have the same opportunities ours do.

We have a culture of “People First.” We love what we do because of what it does for people like you. We desire everything from design, communication, and delivery to be done with excellence. Your project comes first. Your desires come first. Your confidence in us comes first.

If you are considering a custom built project for your space or have an idea, please reach out to us. We start with pictures and a conversation by phone or email, where I am able to ask questions to get a sense of what is important to you for the look, function, and design. I can normally provide pricing, and sketches if necessary, from that conversation. We have set up a rhythm in the shop to where we have been consistently maintaining a 6-8 week lead time from the day we agree and say “go” to the installation of the project. We would love to help you!

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